Manis Minum Petang Exclusive Prints Modern Kurung Set - Peach

The Minum Petang Collection is a series of baju kurung sets that relives the memories of yesteryears for most Malaysians. The prints will remind you of all the snacks relating to happy memories. This collection is crafted with a lightweight, easy-iron and wrinkle-free material and is cooling enough for our local weather. Easy and fuss-free to wear, and we are pretty sure it’ll immediately lift your mood!


- Crepe blend (lightweight, cooling, easy-iron)
- Not stretchable (only skirt waistband is stretchable)
- Thickness: Opaque (recommended to wear nude undergarments for the lighter colours)
- Ann 2XL (169cm - B:46" W:43" H:49")
- Diana 5XL (175cm - B:44" W:39" H:53")
- Amiza XL (165cm - B:43" W:38" H:44")
- Farah 5XL (169cm - B:53" W:48" H:62")

Kurung teardrop neckline - 7/8 sleeves - Kurung top with side hidden pockets - Instant pario style skirt with buckle - Skirt pull up waistband

Special Note

This comes in a set.

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