1. Keep Up With Your House Chores
Our days are filled with 'little chores' like walking from one room to another, picking up the kids' toys, laundry, cooking, etc. Whatever your lifestyle is, plot all these little activities so that you can stay fit and your household will also thank you for it.

2. Make Use Of Online Workout Videos
There are so many types of workout videos available for free on the internet, and so many different types to suit any level. If you are a beginner, you can even choose to follow a simple walking from home exercise. Every single bead of sweat counts!

3. Go For A Walk
One of the simplest things to do, is to go out for some fresh air. Make sure it is just around your compound and where there are no crowds.

4. Play With Your Children/Pets
Things do get boring when you are stuck at home. Play some games with your children that you can get up and move around, too. Or play with your pets to keep them active as well.

5. Do Not Sit On The Couch For Too Long
This applies to the bed as well, and also the chair in front of your computer if you need to work long hours. Make sure you keep moving as to not hurt or strain your muscles when you stay in one position for too long.

6. Try A Challenge
There are so many "challenges" going around that you can pick one that is in-line with your goals. If you want to build stronger arms, you can lift something (like dumbells or two mineral water bottles) 30 times a day for a month. Or if you want a nicer butt, you can do the 10-squats-a-day challenge. Whatever it is, you can find something that suits you. Take a before and after photo and see the rewarding difference!