Courtney Plaid Grunge Shirt - Black & White


Courtney Plaid Grunge Shirt - Black & White

Revive the grunge era fashion trend with this plaid shirt - wear it simply with jeans, or play with its versatility by wearing it as an outer (with a band tee) or tied around your waist. This is sure to finish off the look if you are a rocker at heart.

  • RM 65.00

6% GST inclusive

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Product Detail :
Material : Cotton 
Size : Comes in sizes 2XL - 7XL 
Stretchable : No 
Thickness : Normal 
Special Note : Models wears size 2XL 
Also available in :
  • Red
  • Green

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Product Enquiry
Kalau saya pakai KENIX RAGLAN LONG-SLEEVED TEE - BLACK ni size 5xl, size apa yang sesuai?
Admin Reply
can try 6XL

saya biasa pakai baju size 52 kalau blouse. yg ni rekomen untuk saya ambil size apa?
Admin Reply
kemungkinan 4XL, tapi size 52 baju jenama lain tak sama dgn ukuran kami. lebih tepat sis ukur saiz dada dalam inci, kami boleh advice saiz yg sesuai

What does "sleeve width" means? Does the figure means it was measured in circumference or while laid flat?
Admin Reply
sleeve width is the wrist part, is in circumference ya

kalau selalu pakai saiz 58. saiz ap yg sesuai ye?
Admin Reply
ambil 7XL ya

model pakai size apa?
Admin Reply
model pakai 2XL ya
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