Jolly 223 Flexi Straight Cut Pants - Dark Blue


Jolly 223 Flexi Straight Cut Pants - Dark Blue

One of our best-sellers, the Joy Flexi Pants is now back with a style upgrade – in a faux denim colour, where you get the look of jeans but the comfort of the flexi pants. It not only has super stretchable material, but it also comes with the Joy pants signature design, which is the adjustable waist. Perfect for those who need a little space in your pants for the waistline.

  • RM 65.00

6% GST inclusive

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Product Detail :
Material : Cotton+Polyblend 
Size : Comes in sizes 3XL - 9XL 
Stretchable : Yes 
Thickness : Normal 
Special Note : Model is wearing size 3XL, very comfortable and stretchable material, special elastic cotton adjustable waistband 
Also available in :
  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Light Blue

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Product Enquiry
waist 45inc hip 56 inch size apa bole pakai ye...
Admin Reply
can take 6XL

waist 45 1/2 Hip 53 what size should i take?
Admin Reply
can take 6XL ya

Nurul fatihah binti hasani
Waist 45 , hip 57 , saiz ape yg sesuai ye sis?
Admin Reply
take 5XL will do ya

If waist 39, hips 47 and thigh 25..which size should i take?
Admin Reply
take 3XL will do

Kalau i pakai jeans saiz 45 saiz apa ptt i ambil?
Admin Reply
boleh ambil 5XL ya
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