Joy 113 Flexi Skinny Pants - Black


Joy 113 Flexi Skinny Pants - Black

Plus-size Mis Claire Signature Flexi Skinny Pants has an adjustable waist perfect for those who need a little help in that area. The rest of the pants are streamlined to create a sleek silhouette for a professional or casual outfit.

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Product Detail :
Material : Cotton+Polyblend 
Size : Comes in sizes 2XL-8XL 
Stretchable : Yes 
Thickness : Normal 
Special Note : Model is wearing size 2XL, very comfortable and stretchable material, special elastic cotton adjustable waistband 
Also available in :
  • White
  • Blue
  • Dark Denim Blue
  • Light Denim Blue

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Product Enquiry
Daphne porle
Hi sis...if my waist 53 hips 60 ...what size should i buy?
Admin Reply

Farah Syed Ahmad
Bila agaknay ada stock Joy atau Jolly Black pants size 4XL ?
Admin Reply
tuesday will launch queenie and gracie pants, very similir to jolly and joy, do check it out ya

Hi, kalau waist 45 hips 56 saiz mana yang suitable? Also, bila restock? Thanks!
Admin Reply
can take 4XL ya

Pls do restock size 5xl asap...dh lama cari..asyik out of stock je..pls
Admin Reply
we already on the mid manufacture it, hopefully stock will reach asap

nabihah asilah
im usually wearing jeans size 42.what size should I buy for this pants
Admin Reply
can i have your hips and waist measurement?? better for us to advise ya
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