Kelly Basic Long Sleeve Top - Black


Kelly Basic Long Sleeve Top - Black

Plus-size Comfortable Long Sleeve Cotton Top

  • RM 39.00

6% GST inclusive

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Product Detail :
Material : Cotton 
Size : Available from sizes 2XL to 8XL
Stretchable : Yes 
Thickness : Normal 
Special Note : Model is wearing 2XL
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  • White

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Product Enquiry
Hi, bila nak restock kelly black ni? Dengan short sleeve sekali 😂😂

Hi, bila nak renewww black nya??? 😂😂😂

Noor Shaierah
Sis.. nie for inner ke normal cotton shirt
Admin Reply
inner, but boleh pakai as tshirt

yg ni xde restock ke?
Admin Reply
Insyaallah nnt kita akan restock tapi belum lagi ye cik

Love the shirt and material. Very comfortable. It is great for our hot weather. When will size 6xl black be available?
Admin Reply
we will re-manufacture, hopefully in 1-2 months time ya
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Customer's Rating
2017-03-27 23:12:45
Dyg Masyanti Ma**** says :
I've been searching for an inner shirt for my schiffon or short sleeve shirt/blouse. Being a plus size lady, it is very hard to find a comfortable n lightweight material for an inner. Kelly basic long sleeve top ends my search. I have no regret buying 5 p