Gracie V3.0 Straight Cut Pants - Grey


Gracie V3.0 Straight Cut Pants - Grey

Our hot-selling pants is back in stock with the classic colours. This sleek straight cut pants is sure to go with everything you own. Stretchable and comfortable, specially designed for plus-sized women.

  • RM 65.00

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Product Detail :
Material : Cotton Polyblend 
Size : Comes in sizes 2XL - 7XL 
Stretchable : Yes 
Thickness : Normal 
Special Note : Model wears size 2XL, elastic waist 
Also available in :
  • Khaki
  • White
  • Dark Blue
  • Black

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Product Enquiry
Restock any soon?
Admin Reply
Yes will do soon. On the product page, select the size that you want. The ‘Buy Now’ button will change to ‘Inform Me When Stock Is Available’. Click on that and we will email/SMS you when there is stock.

Any different between Gracie and Queenie pants?
Admin Reply
Gracie is straight cut - Queenie is skinny cut

hi..Pinggang 38, hips 46, thigh 28 n prefer saiz apa ya n jenis apa yg sesuai n tak nak longgar
Admin Reply

Pinggang 37, hips 48, thigh 28 n prefer seluar longgar, nak ambil saiz apa ya
Admin Reply
Boleh try 3xl

Jika waist saya 43, punggung 50, paha 27 saya sesuai dgn saiz apa...
Admin Reply
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