Minnie 221 Straight Cut Jeans - Dark Blue


Minnie 221 Straight Cut Jeans - Dark Blue

Mis Claire Signature Denim Relax Straight Cut Jeans is a staple item for every plus-size lady to have in her closet. It has a classic denim look with a slightly faded wash - perfect for casual days and also semi-casual events because of the structured and sturdy denim material will not lose its shape as you wear it. The stretchable waistband ensures no sagging or slipping.

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Product Detail :
Material : Jeans 
Size : Comes in sizes 2XL-7XL 
Stretchable : Yes 
Thickness : Normal 
Special Note : Model is wearing 2XL, comfortable and stretchable straight cut jeans
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  • Black

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Product Enquiry
hi admin, when you can restock size 3xl? I suka la jeans ni selesa sgt
Admin Reply
Thank you, hopefully soon :)

Hi, my waist is 51", hip 57", thigh 37.5". what size is suitable? Thanks!
Admin Reply
can take 6XL ya

Hi Admin. My measure as follows : Waist : 40 Thigh : 32 Hips : 57 Could you please advise what size fit me ? Thank you
Admin Reply
take 3XL will do

Hi..my waist is 46 n hip 54..what size fit me nicely?
Admin Reply
sis can take 4XL :)

Pinggang 40in, punggung 47in, peha 29in. Saiz apa yg sesuai dan longgar (tak terlalu ketat) untuk saya?
Admin Reply
2XL dah boleh ya
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