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2009-03-24 08:04:44

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Kelly Tan

2009-03-21 12:37:09

To be honest, of all the websites that i've shop online, so far THIS IS THE BEST!!!
I REALLY LOVE TO SHOP HERE! I am actually new online shopper, so i'm not really crazy in shoppin yet, but with this website here, I've been seeing alot of my favourite stuff, and I feel like buying it all, but due to my own budget I have to control. I BET YOU! Anyone that had shop 1 time here they will come for the 2nd time, 3rd time and continue to support aishop. Aishop is the only website that i've shop online 2nd time. For others, i only shop for once. I really trust aishop alot, why?

1. The price is valueble, is not expensive and is VERY VERY CHEAP!
2. Shop for more than RM30 and you'll get free charge for postage
3. So  far no damages of any product
4. You will get warranty back if any damages and this is the one and only shop online I've seen so far has a warranty for damages
5. The service is very fast compare to the others.
6. I don't have to wait for very long for my items to delivered, once they informed me delivered and I get the product the next day morning.
7. They give you voucher just to promote them
8. Discount items are really cheap, especially for caze 19
9. Every 19th of the month, they will have a special discount for certain items, and you can't get anything there at that price!
10.They informed you everything through mails, sms.

See i can give 10 reasons why, and i can actually give more. So people support Aishop, you won't regret supporting them! n.n
I'll keep supporting them!


2009-03-20 13:34:15

常看台湾电视节目都有提到网上购物,一直都很怀疑网上购物可不可靠,直到经朋友介绍认识了爱购物,打破了我的谜思。。。。别的网站我不敢说,可是爱购物真的是让我一而再,再而三的上去强购,为什么要说强购呢?? 哈哈!因为它里头的物品都很限量,迟一点都轮不到你的份了。。。。。
我爱上 “爱购物”的原因 :

2)只要买足RM30 就免费送货,这可是我上过这么多网站,唯一以这么低的价格就免费送货的。。。 大多数都须自己缴付运输费,要不就要买足RM300 啦。。。
3)价格廉宜。。。真的是便宜到不行,便宜到牙齿都要掉下来了。。我决对没有骗你们,要不然,自己去 shopping complex 看一看。。。。
4)物品有限。。带出去都觉得自己超炫的。。。。 不好意思,好像有点 show off 了。。。。
5)不必出门就可以买到心头好。。。 y not? 省油钱之余,还响应环保呢。。。 一举两得。。。

我已把 Aishop 介绍给我的朋友和同事。。。 我并不害怕介绍给她们,因为我对 Aishop 有信心。。它会把欢乐带给我朋友与同事。。。。

祝大家,强购愉快也祝 “爱购物”生意 蒸蒸日上。。。

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2009-03-19 11:11:03

我最喜欢“爱购物”了。因为可以用信用卡payment,从没试过有网购是可以用信用卡payment 的。我已经把它介绍给很多朋友了,你做了吗???

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2009-03-19 10:55:01


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Aileen Koh

2009-03-13 03:38:45

I have to say I'm very very impressed with the speed in receiving my item! Thank you very much. The transaction was smooth sailing. Was really happy that credit card could be used to purchase the items. Keep up the good work!

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2009-03-12 08:43:20


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Good Service With Satisfied Products
Theresa Loh

2009-03-03 02:50:22

First of all, I would say that this website is very good for e-shop. The goods shown in the photos are exactly the same as the real goods I received. I have ordered few times from aishop because I feel that the prices are reasonable and goods are very useful to me (especially lingerie storage which i keep on order in several times). 

In addition, I did recommend aishop to my family, friends and colleagues and I keep on receive good feedback from them too. The service that I am most satisfied is that the goods will arrive on the next day after your payment, which i feel is very reliable and effective. 

Another important thing i want to mention is that aishop really provide good customer service. Whenever I have any queries, they can attend to me through MSN in a very short period of time. They even promised to let me return unsatisfied goods to them (if any). Very few e-shop allow this kind of services.

Work hard, aishop. Thank you for your good services and I am looking forward for your new stocks.

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Love it !!

2009-03-02 06:19:33

Thanks and appreciate for the aishop birthday voucher.  Furthermore, really love the products which that i had purchased.  It so useful for me. Lastly, will follow up ur site for new items. Gambateh !!!

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2009-03-01 08:18:22

第一次在网上买东西, 买上 RM30 就免邮费, 所以就试试看咯.
很开心, 以后还会再回来aishop网购!! 因为真的很方便. 不用出门塞车, 又不用给Parking.. 网上购物比较划算

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