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Very comfortable fit, fast delivery

2015-12-11 07:35:01

My blazer was delivered less than 24 hours after I made the order. Satistifed with the blazer. Very comfortable as nicely fit for my size. Looking forward to my next order. Thank you.

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tak dapat barang

2015-12-03 03:48:25

salam..saya dah bank in pada maybank (aishop) pada 1/12/2015 tp sehingga ke hari ni, masih tak dapat barang., sedang kan saya tinggal di PJ ja ..tak kan amik masa berhari2..

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[ no title ]

2015-09-30 14:31:42

Hello there. Previously I bought the skinny pants which was superrrr comfortable and WORTH EVERY PENNY OF COURSE. Maklumla plussize nie bukan senang nak dapat. Thank you for making our life to be easier. My friends and family complimented that I look small with the pants. hehehehhe. few days ago, ordered straight cut pulak for my mom and me. MMG SANGAAAAAT PUASSS! And today I ordered the Skinny denim pants! Looking forward. Thank you for your efficient service uooolssss!!! mmg terbaekkkkkkk!!!!! Will shop more for deepavali!!!!

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Best Skinny Jeans!

2015-08-25 06:51:20

This is my 2nd purchase of bottom from MC and this time I got the size right. It fits nicely and I love the feel of it when I'm wearing it. I have waist of 38" and 5XL is just nice. Quality material and it looks sophisticated.

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Quality pants.

2015-08-05 12:23:34

I received the pants in 1 day business day. Good stretchable material, look sturdy and doesn't look cheap. Due to the stretchable material, the pants will look good if the fitting is just nice; not tight not too loose. My waist is 39", so I ordered 8XL. It runs a little loose. 2 size lower would do good. Other than that, this product meets my expectation. Thank you!

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baju tidak sampai

2015-07-10 04:34:26

Assalamualaikum... sy yang bernama diatas telah membuat pembayaran dan pesanan pada baju di atas, tp tak sampai..macamna yer kalau tak ada, boleh ganti dengan baju yang sama harga baju tu...

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Sangat Puas Hati

2015-07-07 00:07:46

Hai.... sy bukan pembeli baju online... lama dah follow page Mis Claire tp xterbuka hati pon nak beli... but 1 day teringin nak try pakai jubah @ dress tp malas nak pi cari kat luar... almaklum la size susah nak cari & malas nak try2 pasal takut tak muat..... so try order kat Mis Claire.... sgt puas hati pasal proses pembelian hingga penghantaran cepat.... kualiti baju pon sgt2 selesa.... now dah terbeli 6 pasang baju.... hehehehe.... 2 thumb up for Mis Claire & team...

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Sangat Puas Hati :)
Nor Izeni Ismail

2015-07-04 05:32:04

hai, saya baru terima baju dan dah test pun, teruja uolss, material kain memeri dan berkualiti, baju pulak lembut je, kualiti dan servis sesuai dengan harga, rugi kalau korang tak beli kat sini... saya bagi 4 bintang :)

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Ad rina

2015-06-22 12:34:51

I just received this gorgeous jubah today. Amazing! It's not easy to get nice and suit plus size jubah. Thank you Mis Claire. I'm loving it :)

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Beautiful and loving it

2015-03-16 04:22:47

Love the cutting and the material but most importantly.. really impressed with the speed of order processing.. item arrived quickly and in good order. 2 thumbs up for Mis Claire and all their products.

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